Meet the team with 120 years
of collective experience.

From fighter jets to Falcons, blimps to Bombardiers, gliders to Gulfstreams, we have the aviation know-how and private jet industry acumen…. guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Your personal cabin-class jet acquisition specialists… exceptional insight, technical expertise and non-mainstream market intelligence …..

Regardless of whether purchasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, the private jet marketplace is far from transparent.

Only a proven and experienced industry consultant can offer the necessary comprehensive guidance and diverse resources that are essential elements of any private jet acquisition.

Aviatrade has successfully fulfilled this role for the past thirty years. The key to Aviatrade’s success is the direct communication of critical market information coupled with effective organizational skills and timely transaction execution. Aviatrade concisely summarizes the bizjet marketplace and clearly conveys pertinent data so that clients can make immediate and educated acquisition decisions when buying a cabin-class private jet.

Jerry Connolly

Director, Europe

Ian Ord

Director, Middle East

Gui Yue

General Manager, Greater China


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