John Pym

Director, Asia

John retired as a senior officer after 21 years with the Royal Air Force. A Cranwell graduate and prize-winner, he served as a fighter pilot in Aden, the Persian Gulf, UK, and Europe, helping introduce the Jaguar to RAF service in the UK and Germany. He was awarded the Air Force Cross in 1980.

Moving to Oman, John helped expand their Jaguar Force and train Oman’s fighter pilots. Following military service, John served in a number of government and training roles including flight safety in Australia and pilot training with Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing fleet. From 2001, John was an inspector with the Hong Kong version of the FAA (CAD) and was responsible for the entire Cathay Pacific Airbus fleet. He joined Oasis HK Airlines as Director of Safety, Quality and Security in 2007. Other assignments included Hong Kong Jet, a Hainan Group Gulfstream G550 start-up.

In 2005 with Philip Rushton, a friend and colleague from the RAF, John helped form Aviatrade Asia in Hong Kong. Now active as an Aviatrade director, editor, and writer, John resides with his wife in Hong Kong. He has built an extensive network of business and social contacts and retained many of the international aviation links made in 14 years in Hong Kong.

John Pym

Ross Boyens

Director, Australasia

Ian Ord

Director, Middle East

Philip Rushton


Jerry Connolly

Director, Europe


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